Kundel Crane Installation Video

Most Kundel users dont get to see all the great design features that work behind the scenes of a Kundel crane. This video demonstrates the easy installation process in addition to showcasing some of the quality internal components like the electric bus and the articulating runway. This video was a collaboration with Vance Bowman for Robert Kundel. Truck Assembly Clip from Parel on Vimeo. Initial Timing and Look videos. Test K from Parel on...

Gamer Mouse Jul13

Gamer Mouse

This was a demonstration that is included in Drawing for Designers by Alan Pipes. This design was influential with game peripheral design. The ergonomic plate design was emulated by multiple...

Raspberry Pi Case

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized Linux computer that sells for $35. The Raspberry Pi Foundation released their CAD files in the step format. To keep prices low, they sell the board without an enclosure- this is great for product designers as we can design custom enclosures for it. This is a concept housing for the Board B, the latest release from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. An update on this concept is following shortly based on feedback from the Pi...

Ridgid Jobmax System Mar01

Ridgid Jobmax System

The Jobmax system consolidates multiple specialty tools that are easier to store. The heads are engineered so well that they will in many cases outperform standalone...

PV360 2Fast 2Furious Feb14

PV360 2Fast 2Furious

This workshop teaches Photoview 360 technically and artistically, including repeatable techniques leveraging the power of the blazingly fast PV360 rendering engine.   Links to all files can be found below: CAD files: http://db.tt/iFgzN45Q Powerpoint Short Notes: http://db.tt/ldVwCKI3 Step By Step pdf http://db.tt/7EbFuPv8  

Death of the Mouse Dec06

Death of the Mouse

This workshop dealt with how to work fast in a digital environment and create a sense of flow while using Photoshop and Solidworks. The main ideas here are to minimize unnecessary cursor movement and maximize muscle memory. It was co-presented with  Adam Weitzner from Wacom who was able to...

PopSci Award Nov16

PopSci Award

The Stok Quattro was a great project to be a part of. Lots of passionate people worked hard to create and implement this vision. It is great to receive this recognition as Popular Science Best of What’s new 2011. Development of the temperature gauges on the Stok...

Quattro in the Press Nov16

Quattro in the Press

The Quattro has an interchangable insert system that was easily recognized by customers and the...

Supersoaker Nov16


These are sketches for the SuperSoaker 1Hour Design Competition to reimagine the SuperSoaker. These sketches imagined creating a gunner’s nest for a humungous soaking...

Can Karl Cook?

These are some illustrations I did for a book about Karl a cook who caused all sorts of mayhem with the food he prepares

Cerevellum Nov16


The Cerevellum Hindsight is the brainchild of industrial designer Evan Solida. It is a bike-mounted digital rear-view computer. The project here involved implementation of Evan’s ideas. Leveraging his experience with biking products and ours with consumer electronics, we were able to engineer a prototype that was Bikebiz.com’s Product of the Show at Interbike 2011. CAD was implemented in Solidworks and rendered in Modo   Regular updates and communication helped ideas flow smoothly. Evan is a great designer to work with. The concept work he had executed in Rhino was a very strong foundation to build from.  The design was...

Visual Branding Nov16

Visual Branding

The goal with this generation of X4 tools was to simplify VBL elements to give a visual whallop. The knee-jerk might be to start adding details first, but on all these tools, the styling is an extension of the intense engineering of the internal components. My general direction is to imagine a blackhole at the center of the tool crushing parts together and sucking air out. Video of tool...

Innovision Winner Nov16

Innovision Winner

The Fuego Jigsaw is an Innovision 2011 Award for technology development- I helped with some of the initial concept development starting from the innovative planetary gear set that is the foundation of this compact design. More info here. Intial Volume Studies that visualized the dramatic size differential possible with the new...

X4 Circular Saw Nov15

X4 Circular Saw

The X-series circular saws are always a blast to work with. This one in particular is an awesome generation. It uses a faster motor to start with, but the cumulative efforts of weeks of optimizing geometry really paid off in the end. We added a deflector to the exhaust so that the cut-line was cleared. The bevel indicator has an embedded spring detent that clicks to major...

X4 Hammer Drill Nov15

X4 Hammer Drill


Ridgid Jobsite Radio Nov15

Ridgid Jobsite Radio


SSC Tuatara Interior


Stok Island Nov15

Stok Island


Stok Tower Nov15

Stok Tower


Stok Quattro Nov15

Stok Quattro


2Fast 2Furious Nov15

2Fast 2Furious

  This Solidworks World 2012 hands-on workshop will deal with product visualization using Photoview 360. Learn how to create mind-blowing renders that showcase your design to the fullest. Learn to go beyond stock renders to renders that showcase the value of your work. Users can learn to wield Photoview 360 technically and artistically. We will cover repeatable techniques leveraging the power of blazing fast PV360 render engine